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Octane booster

Octane Booster is a multi-purpose additive for gasoline. This product is formulated to prevent the early combustion of petrol with low octane gas and help the engine in all positions of motion and acceleration. This product is universal in use and the RON octane number increases fuel by about 55 units. Increasing fuel efficiency prevents engine damage caused by poor fuel performance. Increasing the octane number leads to optimal engine performance and reduced fuel consumption. 
Piston gasoline The piston engine is structurally composed mainly of "mixed hydrocarbon groups such as normal chain and branching paraffin, saturated circular polyphenols, unsaturated olefins and light-saturated circular aromatics with a number of 5 to 10 carbon atoms per molecule. This hydrocarbon structure called naphtha is not solely responsible for the full quality of the gasoline engine, and therefore, it is necessary to add a certain amount of specific chemicals that can improve the quality of its key parameters. There are currently two types of gasoline in the interior and in the regional and international markets: ordinary gasoline and super gasoline, which differ in octane numbers or degrees of happiness and color index. Review and observance The standard of physical and chemical specifications of gasoline is very important and is usually considered for use in the engine. Today, because of environmental pollution, lead is not used as the higher octane number. Best octane boosters are liquid substances with a hydrocarbon structure with a suitable chemical that, in addition to being completely soluble in the feed of the main gasoline and increasing the degree of calm or octane number, not only has no adverse effect on other quality parameters but also improves them and increases their volume. Fuel gasoline.